27 March 2013

BRASIL / OLYMPICS / FOOTBALL: 28 Mar UPDATE: Big Stadium Trouble In Rio Revealed; Shut But Not Demolished.


     A football stadium built just 6 years ago...and slated to host the 2016 Olympics...has been shut down because of serious structural problems with its roof...but will not be demolished.
     Rio's Mayo Paes says engineers feared it could not withstand winds over 60 km/h/40 mph.
     The Joao Havelange stadium was slated to be the main Olympics football venue...but its future is still in doubt.
      This serious setback will again raise questions about Rio...and Brasil's...capabilities to complete major infrastructure changes in time for the 2014 World Cup...and 2016 Olympics.
      The stadium...called Engenhao by locals...opened late in 2007 and way over budget...costing $190 million.