26 March 2013

MEXICO / USA / SOCCER: 27 Mar UPDATE: Americans Tie With Mexico In DF's Azteca Stadium.

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       It was an exercise in extreme futility...as Mexico tried...and tried again...to score.
       In the end...the tri-color squad came up with another frustrating tie...0-0...before 110,000 disappointed Azteca fans...as Mexico's futbol squad faced-off against the Americans in an important 2014 World Cup qualifier.
      The 'El Tri'/the tri colors...had a legendary home field advantage at Estadio Azteca...and  a historic match advantage of 32-16-12 vs the USA...plus were pissed off after 2 consecutive draws...the last one with lowly Honduras.
      The Mexicans took 10 shots at goal versus every one shot for the USA.
     Mexico's coach Jose Manuel 'Chepo' de la Torre had asked the Azteca fans not to boo during the visiting gringos' national anthem.
     But thousands of fans loudly booed the Mexican team...as the final whistle sounded.
     The USA last week won a now infamous, protested match in a Colorado blizzard against little Costa Rica. 
      FIFA has rejected the Tico's protest of the 1-0 loss... and its demand to replay the contest.