29 March 2013

AUSTIN / NORTH KOREA / HUMOR : What?!! War Map Shows Pyongyang Has Austin In Its Missile Sites.

      North Korea's untested and suddenly bellicose young dictator Kim Jong Un's battle plan against the USA lists the usual targets...Japan, South Korea, Hawaii, Guam, Washington, D.C, Los Angeles...and Austin, Texas?!!!
     A war map foto shows Kim's missile target wish list...with a line headed straight for Central Texas...6,100 miles away!
      Of course, a Pyongyang nuke warhead laden missile can't travel that far yet.
      In fact...it would be lucky to clear the nearby Sea of Japan.
      The nation has many Soviet-era scud missiles...but 2 untested longer range models.
       But...Austinites are mystified...and asking on Twitter...say, what?! #Why Austin?

      AND: Here are some plausible reasons...'Kim Jong Un must not like Austin's new plastic bag policy'...also...'Kim Jong Un's startup flopped at SXSW Interactive.'...and, 'Because Kim is still annoyed by "Slacker."