17 February 2013

USA / AUSTRIA / MEDIA / HUMOR : Waltz Scores As DJesus H. Christ...On SNL.

       TO WATCH: 2:05 Video after :30 ad.

    Austrian character actor Christoph Waltz...currently stalking the media and Hollywood in search of another Oscar...rocked while hosting the USA's humorous Saturday Night Live show on NBC.
    Waltz had some good turns...but delivered in a brilliant comic...and...controversial and blasphemous...mock movie promo...as a violent Quentin Tarantino Django-like character seeking revenge...called DJesus H. Christ...in DJesus Uncrossed.
     The mock movie promo promises that DJesus won't be preaching forgiveness.
     This DJesus will be a sword wielding, gun toting revenge killer who wears 'sandals but who can still kick a##.'
     'No more mister nice DJesus.'
     Waltz won an Oscar for his role as a ruthless Jew hunting Nazi officer in Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds.