04 February 2013

RUSSIA / BELGIUM / ODDITIES : New Love Leaves Its Mark...On Her Face.

      For some Russians...love means more than til death do us part.
     It can also mean...let's carve a large and painful tattoo on your face!
     At least...that's what happened to an impressionable art student named Lesya, 18...from Saransk.
     Less than 24 hours after finally meeting a tattoo artist named Rouslan in person in Moscow...the pretty young woman allowed him tattoo his name...in GIANT Gothic letters...on her mug...in the name of new love.
     The happy couple originally met online...and plan to get married.
     Tattoo artist Rouslan is no stranger to controversy.
     He reportedly fled Belgium after a 2009 scandal involving another young woman and some facial tattoos.