15 February 2013

RUSSIA : 23 Feb UPDATE: Cleanup Continues After Century's Largest Meteor; 60 Still In Urals Hospitals; 50 Small Fragments May Sell For Big Bucks.


        An estimated 24,000 emergency workers are still cleaning-up a week after a rare large meteor crashed thru the atmosphere Friday...injuring 1,500 people...including 200 children...in the Chelyabinsk region of the Ural mountains.
      25 people...including 11 children...were released from hospitals on Friday...but more than 60 are still being cared for.
       A new minor business has sprung-up as residents look for valuable meteor fragments to sell online.
       At least 50 small meteor fragments have been found.
      Damage is estimated at more than $33 million usd.
      Some 4,000 buildings were damaged...mostly from broken windows and glass.
      A few...including a zinc plant...had structural damage.
      The fireball streaked across the sky...for just 33 seconds...at 9:20 am in the morning... blowing out many windows and shaking buildings.
     Many residents in the city of 1.1 million suffered cuts from glass and bruises...with more than 60 still in hospital.
     The meteor's bright light was followed by a huge bang as it broke into pieces and plowed into the earth.
     NASA scientists now estimate the meteor...composed mostly of iron and ice...weighed about 10,000 tons...and measured 55 feet across...exploding with a force equal of 500 kilotons...or about 30 atomic bombs.
     They say it was the biggest meteor to hit the earth in 100 years.
     It knocked out the area's cell network.
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