19 February 2013

CUBA / BRASIL: Dissident Blogger Yoani Sanchez Escapes La Habana...Only To Be Booed And Mugged In Bahia.

      Never underestimate the long reach of Cuba's clever Castro brothers.
     After 20 futile attempts...dissident blogger Yoani Sanchez , 37...was finally allowed to leave Cuba...for the first time in over a decade.
     She headed off on an exhausting 80 day...12 nation tour...thanks to recent changes in a 50 year old Cuban travel law.
     Sanchez's first stop was in Salvador, Bahia...to see a documentary she had a part in.
     There was was booed by 4 dozen pro-Castro protesters...who forced the screening to be canceled.
     One even grabbed her hair.
     Later... she was able to address the crowd...for about 45 minutes.
     Brasil's Veja magazine claims her rude reception was organized by the Cuban embassy.
     After 10 days in Brasil...Sanchez will go on to visit Europe, the USA and Mexico.
     And...probably more rude receptions...courtesy of the Castro hermanos.