19 February 2013

ITALY / GERMANY / EUROZONE : 20 Feb UPDATE: Silvio's Tax Refund Letter Outrages Opponents; Silvio Is Angela's Nightmare...As Elections Near.

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      Silvio Berlusconi is upsetting his opposition again.
      His campaign sent official-looking letters to voters in 'swing' areas...promising to repeal...and even pay back an unpopular property tax instituted by technocrat PM Mario Monti.
      Some claim it is even a crime...by buying votes.
      It's no secret that the surge in polls of disgraced ex-PM Silvio Berlusconi...is Chancellor Angela Merkel's biggest nightmare.
      They have never gotten along.
      Silvio once even insulted Merkel's appearance!
      The always slippery Silvio/Il Cavaliere...has also used Merkel and Germany's economic muscle as convenient scapegoats for Italy's austerity pain...and to strengthen his populist preachings.
      Merkel fears Berlusconi's success in next week's elections...will instill new fears among always nervous bond investors...causing a stampede demanding higher returns for buying Italian bonds.
     And...maybe threaten the euro again...by setting back or even canceling Italy's meager reforms.
     Italy's sovereign debt rates have finally dropped to manageable levels.
     Polls say one third of Italian voters are still undecided about whom to vote for.

    ALSO NEW!!! How Silvio fashioned his comeback.