22 January 2013

VENEZUELA / CUBA : Venezuelans Ponder Vague Medical Reports; Morales Claims Hugo In Physical Therapy, Preparing For Return.


       Venezuelans are often found debating the true condition of their seriously ill and currently absent President Hugo Chavez.
       It doesn't help that infrequent updates about his status...are always couched in vague terms.
       It could be called Hugology.
       Like Kremlinology during the Soviet era...but even more cryptic and confusing.
       Wags in Caracas are now lampooning reports by top officials...and especially Information Minister Ernesto Villegas.
       'Commander Chavez is stable in that situation I won't tell you about. He requires unspecified treatment to calm supposed problems that could affect him...or not...in the place of the illness...I mean, that thing.'
      AND: Bolivian President Evo Morales told his congress that Chavez is undergoing physical therapy...and planning his return.
     New Foreign Minister Elais Jaua has tweeted that he met and discussed issues with a laughing, joking Hugo in his La Habana hospital.
     Chavez, 58...has not be heard from or seen publicly since 11 December. 
     Even his normally busy Twitter account...has been inactive.