22 January 2013

ALGERIA / ENERGY : 23 Jan UPDATE: High Peril Often Comes With High Pay For Foreign Energy Workers; Algeria Reacts To Ruthless Attack, Promises Better Protection.


     Delivering energy...does not come cheaply.
     The work itself is dangerous.
     Weather can often be extreme...and the locales problematic.
     The deadly 4-day assault on Algeria's Il Amenas nat gas complex shows that.
     At least...38 foreign workers were killed there...as the death toll reached 81.
     But...many energy workers still defend the long hours and security risks...because of the high pay...and chance to see the world.

     NEW!!!: Algeria...highly dependent on foreign investment for its lucrative energy projects...promises to bulk-up security measures after deadly attack.
     The compromised In Amenas wet gas project alone generated $3 billion/2.3 bn euros for Algiers.