09 January 2013

VENEZUELA : 10 Jan UPDATE: Chavez's Presidential Inaugural...Postponed! Mass Rally Held.

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      It's official!
      There was no scheduled official inaugural ceremony in Caracas on Thursday...but thousands and several foreign leaders attended the 'virtual' ceremony and rally...including current Mercosur head Uruguay President Pepe Mujica, Nuacargua's Daniel Ortega and Bolivia's President Evo Morales.
      The nation's Supreme Court had ruled that Hugo Chavez is still president...even without a swearing-in ceremony.
       The military has also joined the chorus of support for a postponement.
       The opposition claimed the delay was illegal...and after losing in court...wanted a medical panel to travel to Cuba to assess Chavez's condition.
       Chavista supporters had always claimed the ceremony was a mere formality.
       The head of the national assembly even earlier predicted that Hugo Chavez would be sworn-in for his 4th term by the Supreme Court...sometime in the future.
       The legislators have voted to give Chavez as much time as needed to recover.
       Caracas officials have been stingy with medical information...but recently admitted that Chavez's current condition is 'delicate'...and that he had been suffering from respiratory and bleeding problems.
       Chavez has been out of public view...and uncharacteristically out of contact...even on Twitter...since his 4th cancer surgery on 11 December in La Habana.
       The presidential transition stakes are huge for many Caribe nations...but especially for oil dependent Cuba.
       Cuba receives up to $6 billion annually from Caracas in subsidies...and for services.
       Some experts even believe La Habana is really running the whole transition show...and backing their man VP Maduro...whom they control.
      But...Venezuelan military leaders reportedly resent La Habana's powerful influence... and prefer to support assembly president Diosdado Cabello.
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