12 January 2013

USA / PORTLAND / TELEVISION : 13 Jan UPDATE: 'Grimm' News...Fresh Episodes Begin In March; Antivirus Eccentric McAfee Moves To Oregon For Graphic Novel.


     Anyone else out there bummed by another Friday night...without NBC's outstanding supernatural detective series...Grimm?
      It's special effects are truly mind boggling...for network TV.
      NBC's programming honcho has decided to hold-off Season 2's new shows...until 08 March.
      Also...there's a report that Portlandia/SNL star...Fred Armisen...wanted badly to be an extra on Grimm...which is also filmed in Portland, Oregon.
     But a director nixed the Armisen appearance...even though he had dressed himself in costume. 
     Turns out...since Portlandia and Grimm share much of the same production crew...their laughter blew Armisen's clever disguise. 
     Having once lived in Portland...this blog's editor is delighted by media's discovery of the Rose City...but also haunted by memories of too many dreary, rainy days spent there.

    NEW!!! Media report that erratic antivirus creator John McAfee...late of Belize, Guatemala and Miami...has moved to Portland, Oregon for 18 months...to work on a graphic novel with an artist there.
     Belize authorities still want to question him in the murder of his neighbor.