16 January 2013

TEXAS / MEDIA / USA / FRANCE : 17 Jan UPDATE :Austin In National Spotlight...With Armstrong 'Confession'...And Possible Dell LBO; Dell Deal...Smells.

     TO HEAR : 5:01 Report /no transcript!

     Austin was frequently mentioned by media yesterday...because of leaks about disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong's TV interview with mega talk hostess Oprah Winfrey...and a possible LBO of Dell Computer.
     Here's a NPR radio report on the effect his alleged 'confession' about doping and lying...and fall from grace has had on his diehard 'hometown' Austin fans...and his Livestrong charity.
    Armstrong's alleged 'confession' will now be aired on 2 nights...during prime time on Winfrey's struggling OWN cable network.
   There are reports that ad rates for the 2-part interview have soared...as record ratings are predicted.
       ALSO: TO WATCH: 40 mins. NO TRANSCRIPT. Four USA journalists discuss Armstrong's doping confession, alleged thuggery and even riding skills. The 3 critical reporters are...NYT's Juliet Macur (foto), SI's David Epstein and author Daniel Coyle. 
     Also...2x biographer/close Armstrong friend Sally Jenkins of the WashPost.

      AND: TO READ : Commentary...by bitter ex supporter Michael Specter.
   PLUS: 12 Armstrong quotes...that now seem ridiculous, mean and threatening.
     Meanwhile...there are reports that CEO Michael Dell is again pursuing an LBO of Dell Computer...lining-up 2x hedge funds and perhaps even a sovereign fund..and at least 4 banks for an estimated $20-24 billion deal.
   Though cash rich...the #3 computer maker's stock price has languished...hovering near historic lows...as PC sales lag behind tablets.
    But the deal would be gargantuan...one of the largest in history.
    Dell considered an LBO in 2010...but passed.
    Low interest rates...with his 16% stock ownership...make it an attractive target...and offer him and partners a chance to restructure the company...without the pressure of stock holders. 
    Currently...Dell throws off $3 billion in revenue annually...with $15 billion in cash held overseas.
    Some analysts have raised their target price on Dell to...$15.
    Others call the deal 'unlikely.'
     NEW!!! Commentary: Who is Michael Dell really working for? Will weary shareholders get screwed...by potential conflict of interest?