08 January 2013

MEXICO : 09 Jan UPDATE: Feral Dogs Kill 4 People In DF; Public In Sympathy With Scrawny Captured Mutts.


     Officials continue to search a feral dog pack they believe killed 4 people in a park on the outskirts of Mexico City...in the last 10 days.
     The victims in the Cerro de la Estrella park attacks included a mother and her baby.
     An investigation found that the dead had bite marks from at least 10 dogs.
     Some 25 dogs were captured near the site...and will be tested for human blood in fur, teeth and stomach contents.
    Doubts have emerged about the dogs police captured so far...most of them scrawny and mild mannered.
    Twitter has come alive...with the topic recently the top trending item.
    There may be 3 million stray dogs loose in Mexico City.