29 January 2013

MEXICO : New President Pena Nieto...Silent On Same Old Violence.


      New President Enrique Pena Nieto...aka...EPN/El Guapo...has barely mentioned Mexico's narco violence...after 2 months in office.
      Gone are regular press conferences...even those parades of captured suspects in front of the media...that former President Calderon favored.
     EPN has instead focused on education, energy and fiscal reforms.
     Some claim that he is trying to distract the public.
    'What Pena Nieto is doing is...sweeping violence under the rug in hopes that no one notices,' claims a security expert. 'It can be effective in the short term until the violence becomes so obvious that you can't change the subject.'
      Perhaps the just revealed kidnapping and massacre of 18 band members dumped into a well near Hidalgo will shake...not just stir...EPN's silence.