29 January 2013

ECUADOR / USA / ENERGY : Ex-Judge Claims $500k Bribe Paid To Judge In Chevron $19 Billion Pollution Case.


     As expected...when BIG money is involved...crass ugliness is sure to continue.
     So it has...in the nasty pollution suit brought against Chevron by indigena people.
     The suit has dragged-on for decades in Ecuador...and now NYC.
     A former Ecuadorian judge testified that a $500,000 bribe was paid to the Lago Agrio judge who ruled in favor of some indigena tribes in 2009...with a $18.2 billion judgement.
    Former judge Alberto Guerra told about the bribe to a NYC court. 
    Plaintiffs' lawyers called Guerra 'a disgraced former Ecuadorian judge being paid hundreds of thousands by Chevron to make false allegations...about the judgement.' 
    Chevron is paying Guerra $10,000 per month...plus $2,000 monthly for housing.