05 January 2013

ITALY / TWITTER / JOURNALISM: Italian Becomes Notorious For Killing Off Celebs...On Twitter.


      A literature teacher in Roma...is becoming infamous for showing the world the frailties of social media...especially Twitter...and journalism.
      Twitter deceiver Tommasso Debenedetti has killed off Fidel Castro, Pope Benedict 16, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and most recently...author JK Rowling...all via Twitter posts.
     Some scoop stressed journalists have incorrectly reported his cleverly disguised but spurious tweets...as news.
      'Death works well on Twitter,' says Debenedetti.
       His goal is to show that 'Twitter has become the least reliable news agency in the world.'
        One Chilean TV station reported the Rowling death...as fact.
       This news blog is well aware of online journalism's faults...confronting various and sometimes conflicting details daily.
        But...one only hopes they are not intentional.