31 January 2013

INDIA / ODDITIES / COMMODITIES : Man Creates $240k Shirt Of Gold.


      Despite these days of austerity...showing off one's wealth still survives.
      The USA has TV egoist and blowhard billionaire builder...Donald Trump.
      In India...a new show-off challenger has arisen.
      Pune's Datta Phuge, 42...ordered 15 craftsmen there to fashion a shirt made of 22-carat gold.
      It weights 3.3 kgs/7.3 pounds...and is valued at $240,000.
     Phuge says gold has always been his passion.
     But he rarely wears the shirt...and mostly keeps it under lock and key.
     He like the attention...and says he doesn't care what other people think or say.
     The many ailing Spaniards, Greeks, Portuguese and Italians might have some thoughts.
     India is the globe's biggest buyer of gold.