31 January 2013

COLOMBIA / CUBA / NETHERLANDS : 02 Feb UPDATE: FARC Terrorists Kill 3 Cops; Peace Talks Resume ; Army Kills 5 FARC; Dutch Woman Is FARC Negotiator.

           2ND LINK CHANGE

       The 4th round of peace talks between FARC narco/oro terrorists and Bogota have resumed in La Habana.
     Since FARC ended its 60 day 'unilateral ceasefire' on 20 January...4 Colombian soldiers have been killed and 2 wounded in Narino province.
    Wednesday...2 police were kidnapped...along with 3 oil workers.
    In Santander province...FARC blew-up a transmission tower.
    And...3 police were just ambushed and killed in La Guajira province...near the Venezuelan border.
    But the army reports that it rescued the 3 oil engineers in Cauca province.
    It also reported killing 5 FARC members in the north....including Jacobo Arango...a leader close to a lead FARC negotiator.
    FARC's chief negotiator says he has no knowledge about the 2 missing cops.
    But...FARC has defended its 'right' to capture 'war prisoners.'
    Bogota refused any ceasefire during peace talks.
    NEW!!!  A Dutch woman is one of 10 FARCS in peace talks with Bogota. 
   Tanja Nijmeier, 34...says she is comfortable being a narco/oro terrorist.
    With: 5:17 Video interview..in English.