04 January 2013

CZECH REP : 10 Jan UPDATE: Anger Swells As Outgoing Prez Klaus Releases 13,000 Prisoners; Leading Prez Candidate Zemen...Profiled.


     Anger is still growing over outgoing President Vaclav Klaus's recent release of least 6,000 prisoners...with many more planned.
     With limited powers...the conservative euroskeptic Klaus suddenly announced the controversial action on New Year's Eve.
    Over 100,000 people have signed a Facebook petition against the mass amnesty.
    The release of those convicted for corruption and fraud seems to be the sorest issue for many.
    Some cities have even removed Klaus' portrait from public offices...as crimes have increased committed by the recent releasees.
   The opposition has even called for a no confidence vote on PM Necas...a Klaus ally...who approved the pardon decree.
     Under Klaus' plan to reduce jail overcrowding...only prisoners serving less than 10 year terms...and over 75 years of age...are eligible for release.
     A justice ministry spokesperson says the amnesty will cover more than 32,000 people.
     Klaus officially leaves office in March.
     He said the mass amnesty...honors 20 years of independence.
     AND: TO READ : Der Speigel recently profiled former PM Milos Zemen...as the leading candidate to replace Vaclav Klaus.