19 January 2013

BULGARIA : 22 Jan UPDATE : Shooter Claims Only Wanted To Scare Turk Politico; Some Still Question If Attempt Was A Staged Hoax.

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       In front of a shocked audience of 3,000 in Sofia...a young man pointing a gun... suddenly rushed ethnic Turkish party leader Ahmed Dogan on stage...and seemingly fired twice...before being wrestled to the ground.
      But, Dogan, 58...was unhurt.
      However...police are still questioning motives of the alleged shooting that was broadcast on TV. 
      Some even believe it may have been staged to boost the party's sagging image...because the gun was loaded only with pepper spray.
      The shooter...Oktay Enimehmedov...says he wanted 'to scare' the veteran politician... because his gun was not capable of firing bullets.
       Security guards wrestled the 25-year-old ethnic Turk attacker to the ground.
       They are being investigated for their brutal beating of the shooter.
       The young thug has a long criminal record...and was reportedly carrying 2 knives.
       The attacker was an ethnic Turk from Burgas.
       He has been charged with hooliganism...and death threats...and faces 6 years if convicted.

    TO READ: Some locals still speculate that...the shooting was a staged hoax...to boost party profile.
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