18 January 2013

AUSTIN / FRANCE / MEDIA :19 Jan UPDATE: Armstrong Interview, Part 2; Backlash Continues.


     The two 90 minute Lance Armstrong 'mea culpa'...are broadcast history on Oprah Winfrey's struggling OWN cable network.
     Most reviews are not very favorable...though disgraced cyclist Armstrong  admitted to being 'deeply flawed'...and sometimes bullying many people.
      Former teammates say his admissions are not enough.
      Sports marketing expert Ken Unger told the Austin newspaper that Armstrong 'seemed to lack real empathy'...'contrition' and was trying too hard 'to win' the 1st interview.
     Naturally...his hometown fans' reactions were mixed.
     One called him a 'marketing machine.'
     All worry about the scandal's effect on his cancer charity Livestrong...based in East Austin.
     Also...the Olympic Committee stripped Armstrong's name from records...and is demanding the return of his 2000 bronze medal.
    The interview was seen by an estimated 4.3 million viewers in the USA...and others  online.
    But...the number of viewers was nuch smaller than experts projected.

  ORIG LINK:http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-01-18/lance-armstrong-says-he-cheated-lied-bullied-throughout-career.html
   TO WATCH: Edited Armstrong interview...in 3:51.

   TO READ: Detailed Interview Analysis... by Amy Davidson.