18 January 2013

USA / PHILIPPINES / MARITIME : 24 Jan UPDATE: US Minesweeper Stuck On Protected Coral Reef...Taking On Water; Claims It Ignored Warnings.

       2ND LINK CHANGE/ New rescue Fotos

    The USA Navy minesweeper...the USS Guardian...is still stranded on sensitive coral reef...400 miles/640 kms from Manila.
    Local officials claim the ship ignored warnings that it was approaching the sensitive and protected Tubbataha marine park.
    Many Filipinos are angry about the incident...especially now that the ship is taking on water...thru several large gashes in the hull.
    The Guardian's removal from the coral reef could take...at least 2 more weeks.
   The crew was evacuated...it is still stuck on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
   The US Navy has been unable to remove any heavy fuel oil...because of bad weather...but there are no leaks yet to the sensitive area.
   The Filipino Navy has 3 ships standing by to aid recovery.
   The USA Navy has apologized...and will probably face fines.