27 December 2012

RUSSIA / USA : 28 Dec UPDATE: Moscow Puts Dead Man Magnitsky On Trial; Putin Signs Anti-Adoption Bill.


     Sergei Magnitsky...who reportedly uncovered a $235 million tax scam...but died in prison in 2009...will be tried for fraud.
     His suspicious death at age 37...in a primitive jail...from an untreated disease with signs of torture...has been the source of a heated row between the USA and Russia...that will soon affect adoption of Russian children by Americans.
     Magnitsky's lawyers say the proposed trial is 'unconstitutional.'
     He was charged with the crimes he uncovered...but the case was closed after his death.
     The USA pushed to punish those responsible for Magnitsky's prison treatment...and a law was recently passed blacklisting human rights violators.
    The only person tried for Magnitsky's death...has been acquitted.
    In Moscow...a court found prison director Dmitry Kratov (above) not guilty of negligence.
    In response to the USA act...the parliament passed a bill banning adoption of Russian children by Americans...that President Putin has just signed.
  !!!LINK CHANGE!!!: Putin signs USA adoption ban bill.