04 December 2012

NETHERLANDS : Amsterdam To Build 'Scum Villages' For Annoying Neighbors.


     Ever had an annoying neighbor? 
     Who hasn't.
     Or...perhaps you may have occasionally been the bothersome one.
     This blog's editor was once roundly verbally abused by a neighbor for playing Cuban music too loudly...after a recent return from La Habana...where ALL music...and daily life are played en voz alta/loudly
     Oops, sorry! Forgot how hermetically some Americans live.
     Soon...if you live in picturesque Amsterdam...you might find your fine self...forced to live in a cargo container way out in the 'burbs...for being annoying.
     That's the plan for the famous canal city.
    Officials will move persistent and annoying neighbors into container homes...located in faraway 'scum villages'...for 6 months or more...under the watchful eyes of police and social services.
     They say special 'hit squads' will select only 'bullies' or 'anti-social' neighbors...with $1.3 million budgeted for the 'scum village.'
     Won't that be a nice place to live!