10 December 2012

MEXICO / USA : 14 Dec UPDATE: Claims Jenni Rivera's Jet Was Owned By Narcos; Family Mourns, Prepares For Jenni's Wednesday Funeral; 2 Police Arrested For Suspected Theft, Selling Fotos; Gruesome Internet Fotos Disgust Family.

      4TH LINK CHANGE / New Details / 24 Fotos/ New facts in italics.
        AP reported that 2 young state police were arrested on suspicion of stealing valuables from the Rivera jet crash site in Iturbide. 
       Officials say they also found gruesome images on an officer's smartphone...which he might have sold to the media.
       The family is said to be disturbed by several gruesome images of Jenni's remains found on the internet...especially a severed foot.
       CNN reported that some of Jenni's remains had been identified.
       Mexican funeral workers cremated her remains and returned them to the family in LA....in a specially made red urn.
      Her funeral is scheduled for Wednesday.
      But some now claim Jenni never wanted to be cremated.
      Also...remains of her publicist and the plane's co-pilot have also been identified.
      There are also new claims that singer Jenni Rivera was in the process of buying the aged Lear jet that crashed on Sunday...tragically killing her and 6 others...in the mountains south of Monterrey.
       Plus...there are new claims that the current plane's listed owner...Mexican narional Christian Esquino Nunez...had once been arrested for narco trafficking and counterfeiiting official stamps... and may have ties to Tijuana's narco thugs.
       Also...CNN reports that 2 of his planes were seized for drugs by the DEA. 
          Millions of fans on both sides of the border are still mourning the popular Mexican-American singer/TV personality.
       Experts described the crash as intense...as the plane suddenly hit the earth at 600 mph... after flying at 28,000 feet.
       Also newly revealed...the aged jet's main pilot...was 78 years old!
       The gruesome, scattered remains will require extensive DNA testing.
      Some broadcasts and the internet showed a foto of severed foot...with carefully painted pink toenails...that especially upset Jenni's family.
       6 others also died when the small vintage 1969 Lear jet plunged into the mountains near Iturbide.
      Rivera, 43...known as the diva de la banda...was the top grossing female Mexican singer...with 15 million albums sold.
      She had performed with her band in Monterrey on Saturday night...before heading in the madrugada for Toluca...and a taping of her TV talent show La Voz.
         The search for more body parts and wreckage continues.
         A probe over the crash's cause is underway...aided by USA officials.