19 December 2012

BRASIL / USA : Trump Announces 5 Towers Project For Rio Port Area.


      Lovely Rio...will get a bit uglier...when billionaire USA developer Donald Trump gets his way.
      The son of TV personality/developer/ruthless capitalist and super-egoist Trump announced plans for a massive and gaudy $2.6 billion Trump towers project...in Rio's rundown port/ferry area.
      2 images of The Donald's disembodied head floated over his son's presentation...like some mysterious and malevolent Being...or like the Wizard...from the movie 'The Wizard of Oz.'
      The 5 towers will displace thousands of poor people.
      It is supported by Rio's recently re-elected Mayor Eduardo Paes.
      Construction on the first tower could begin by late next year.
      Trump recently completed a 277 meter hotel in Toronto, Canada...just short of that city's tallest structure...the 72-story First Canadian Place.
      Trump Toronto is being sued by some condo investors...over low occupancy rates in the highrise building.