07 November 2012

GUATEMALA / MEXICO : 11 Nov. UPDATE: Death Toll Lowered From Powerful 7.4 Quake; Now 42 Dead, 2 Missing.

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        New facts...in italics
       Officials have lowered the death toll from its recent powerful 7.4 quake to 42.
       It had been declared as high as 52.
       The quake struck at 10:30 am...off the Pacific coast...and caused landslides that buried residents in 2 Guatemalan towns...killing 42...damaging at least 75 homes...and blocking many roads. (Below Foto From San Marcos Tweet)
     Officials now say only 2 people are still missing...down from 23.
     The epicenter was 26 miles deep...15 miles south of Champerico, Guatemala.
     The :30 quake was powerful enough to force the evacuation of many from Cd Guatemala highrises...with shaking felt even in the DF...600 miles away.
     There have been over 100 aftershocks so far.