07 November 2012

GREECE / EU : UPDATE: Day 2 Of General Strike Turns Violent Ahead Of Tranche Vote.

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       Tuesday...the first day of a general strike was peaceful...as some 35,000 protested in Athens' central square.
     But...violence broke out today...with many petrol bombs thrown...while police responded with tear gas and water cannons...as 100,000 gathered outside the parliament...to demonstrate against new severe austerity measures.
     At least 35 were arrested.
       Passage of an important bill demanded by the Troika is expected to deliver a 13.5 bn euro budget cut...to gain another 'tranche' from the 31.5 billion euro bailout...needed by November.
      Under the new bill...the retirement age will rise to 67, pensions will be cut by 5% to 15%...public sector salaries will be slashed by 33%...and bonuses will be eliminated.