05 November 2012

FRANCE : 10 Nov UPDATE: Valerie Trierwieler Profiled...Is No Ordinary Consort; Magazine Owner Calls Her 'Unpinned Grenade.'

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     Valerie Trierweiler, 47... is not very popular in France...because she refuses to be a 'normal' consort for its president Francois Hollande.
     Polls say 67% disapprove of her behavior.
     Journalist Trierweiler adamantly says she won't be pigeonholed.
     But...scandals seem to dog her.
     The unmarried partner of President Hollande is suing some authors over allegations that she slept with 5 other men while dating Hollande...aka 'menage a six'.
     The owner of prestigious magazine Paris Match also refused to renew her contract that ends in December...claiming she has caused 'nothing but problems'...likening her to 'an unpinned grenade.'