19 November 2012

AUSTRIA / MEXICO / SPAIN : 23 Nov UPDATE: Wien's Ice Cream Black Widow Murderer...Gets Life.

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        UPDATE...with NEW details ONLY from the BBC!

       Austria's 'black widow' ice cream seller...Goidsargi Estibaliz Carranza Zabala, 34...will spend the rest of her life in prison/mental facility.
      The Mexican/ Spanish citizen was convicted for the murders of 2 male lovers...cutting them up and burying their remains in the basement of her Wien/Vienna ice cream shop.
     The bodies were discovered during a routine maintenance.
     She shot her husband in 2008...and a second lover in 2010.
     She was finally captured in Italy...pregnant by yet another man.
     In her final statement...she said she was sorry.
     She was convicted after the testimony of 50 witnesses...and 7 experts.
     A court psychiatrist said she suffered from a personality disorder and serious mwntal abnormalities.