25 November 2012

AUSTIN / BRASIL / GERMANY / FORMULA ONE : Vettel Wins 3rd Title.


      Despite a 6th place finish on a wet Sao Paulo track...German Sebastian Vettel (top foto) won his 3rd consecutive Formula One title and...at age 25...became the sport's youngest triple winner.
      Spain's Fernando Alonso needed a 1st place win to edge out Vettel in points...but Alonso's Ferrari came in 2nd...and 3 points short.
     Jenson Button won the race outright.
     Austin Grand Prix winner...Brit Lewis Hamilton...was forced out of the race after a collision with German Nico Hulkenberg.
     Hamilton was angry about the collision.
     'The dude did not even come and say sorry. That is what happens when you are racing with the less experienced.' (AFP)
     Hulkenberg finished 5th...after a penalty.