25 November 2012

CHINA / UKRAINE / USA / JAPAN / VIETNAM : 27 Nov UPDATE: Vietnam Refuses To Stamp New China Passport; Planes Finally Land On Beijing's 1st Aircraft Carrier.

     For Naval warship fans.

    Over a decade after buying an aircraft carrier from Kyiv...Beijing's navy has successfully landed fighter planes on its refurbished deck.
    The navy landed a J-15 combat fighter on the deck of its Liaoning carrier at sea.
    Observers predict the ship won't carry a full complement of planes...or be ready for combat for some time.
    NEW! UPDATE LINK: More details: China's new biometric passport shows it controlling areas of the South China Sea claimed by other nations...including India, Taiwan, Philippines and Vietnam.
     Several nations have protested.
     Now...Vietnam refuses to stamp the document...issuing time consuming paper visas instead.
     An expert observes that it 'basically forces everyone who's a claimant of South China Sea elements to acknowledge it by stamping it.'