20 November 2012

ARGENTINA : 21 Nov. UPDATE: Nationwide Union Strike Shuts Down Economy; Biggest Strike In 10 Years.

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     Argentina's powerful unions successfully held a 24 hour nationwide strike...that shut down banks, gas stations, airports, buses and trains everywhere.
     It was the biggest general strike in a decade...and the biggest protest in the 5 years of President Kirchner's rule.
     Hundreds of roads were blocked by strikers angry over soaring inflation, rising crime, new strict currency policies and slowing growth.
     There was scattered violence...and looting...but overall it was peaceful.
     A massive demonstration on 8 November/8N... in Buenos Aires brought out over 700,000 people...but the government reported the turnout at only 70,000.
      President Cristina Kirchner's popularity has plummeted to 28%...even as her supporters lobby for controversial and currently illegal 3rd term.