20 November 2012

POLAND : 24 Nov UPDATE: More Details About Aborted Parliament Bomber.

            2ND LINK CHANGE: Details about bomber bio.

         Police in Krakow arrested an avowed admirer of Norwegian mass murderer Breivik... who planned to bomb Warsaw's parliament building while it was in session.
      The 45-year-old man...known only as Brunon K...was hoarding an arsenal with 4 tons of explosives and weapons.
     Police say he was not hard to find.
     He had put up posters advertising his classes on making explosives.
     He apparently had a long fascination with homemade bombs.
     The agriculture professor in Krakow also expressed extreme 'nationalistic and anti-Semitic motives'...and was charged with planning a terrorist attack.
      2 others were arrested for illegal firearms.

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