20 October 2012

RUSSIA : 22 Oct UPDATE: 3-Day Online Opposition Voting Ends; Navalny Wins Slot.


     President Putin's opposition extended the deadline thru Monday...to use the internet to select candidates for 45 seats on its new Coordinating Council.
    Voting was originally to end Sunday.
    Early on...hackers had flooded the website...denying service for hours...as some of the over 165,000 registered members tried to vote.
     81,000 actually voted in the 3 day exercise.
    Over 200 people signed-up as candidates...and there were a handful of polling places in Moscow...with some surrounded by an intimidating police presence.
    However...there appeared to be little interest in the election in the provinces. 
    Lawyer and anti-corruption blogger Alexei Navalny got the most votes....43,723.