20 October 2012

ITALY : Silvio Makes Rare Appearance At Milano Bunga Bunga Trial.


     Ex-PM Silvio Berlusconi made a rare appearance at his notorious so-called 'Bunga-Bunga' trial in Milano.
    Silvio is charged with abuse of office...and paying for sex with an underage prostitute...known as Ruby the Heart Stealer.
    Berlusconi, of course, has denied sleeping with the teen...and even claimed his staff and children came in to say hello while Ruby was partying with other showgirls at his lavish villa in Arcore...outside of Milano.
         Slippery Silvio claims he thought Ruby was...24.
         He has 5 children from 2 marriages.
         Berlusconi, 76...faces up to 15 years if convicted.
         Heartthrob actor George Clooney...one of hundreds of 'witnesses'...has been called to testify on 26 October...when the trial resumes.
        The trial is expected to drag on for months.