28 October 2012

ITALY : Berlusconi Threatens Super Mario's Rule With Snap Election; Thousands Also Protest Technocrat PM Monti Measures.


     Ex-PM Silvio Berlsuconi, 76...apparently loves the limelight that conflict provides.
       Just one day after being convicted of fraud...an angry Silvio threatened to bring down the technocratic government of PM 'Super Mario' Monti with a snap election...because it is forcing Italy into the 'spiral of recession.'
      Berlusconi raged at German Chancellor Angela Merkel...and called Monti...nothing but Merkel's 'poodle.'
     A snap Italian election could reignite turmoil in the Eurozone, market anxieties and higher sovereign bond rates. 
      Slippery Silvio's fading center right party is still the largest in parliament.
     An opponent claims: 'I don't think Berlusconi has the numbers to topple the Monti government but he does have the numbers to make life very difficult...'
      Conveniently...an estimated 150,000 flooded Roma's streets...also peacefully protesting Monti's austerity measures.

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