28 October 2012

LITHUANIA : 29 Oct UPDATE: Prez Grybauskaite Threatens 3 Party Coalition...After MP Vote.

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     Lithuania's 3 million voters increased tainted # 3 Labor Party's seats by 10...in a second round vote of parliamentary voting...for 67 positions.
     A first round vote failed to provide an outright winner among the 3 parties.
     But President Dalia Grybauskaite threatened an unprecedented block of a new 3 party coalition...because of vote buying allegations against Labor.
     Conservative PM Kubilius's party and his position are threatened.
     He has long lauded and implemented austerity...and is in danger of losing control...
because of his unpopular public wage and pension cuts...even rationing fuel for police cars!
      ORIG. Detailed election LINK:http://www.france24.com/en/20121028-leftists-target-power-austerity-weary-lithuania