02 October 2012

GEORGIA : 03 October UPDATE: Analysis: Prison Video Doomed President Saakashvili; Newcomer Billionaire Ivanishvili's Party Embarrasses President.


      Georgia will soon undergo its first democratic transition...after the bloc of President Mikheil Saakashvili shockingly lost the parliamentary elections.
      Mega-billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili's 2 month old Georgian Dream Bloc party won Monday's election by a landslide.
      Newcomer Ivanishvili, 56...may become PM...even while Saakashvili remains in office until October 2013.
      Saakashvili is term limited...and cannot run for president.
      Many believe he may try to become PM.
      Some critics call Ivanishvili a 'stooge' of Russia...where he earned much of his estimated $6.5 billions.
      Ivanishvili says he will pursue normalized relations with Russia...and with NATO.
      He used his great wealth to create a new powerful TV station...TV9...that supported his party.

     NEW!!! ANALYSIS:  A Time reporter gives his impressions of his prison visit...and the shocking prison video's effect on the election.