03 October 2012

EUROZONE / USA : Another Lost Decade? Economist Says Crisis Will End...In 2018.


      The IMF's chief economist believes the world economy is in for a very slow recovery... with a return to growth...by 2018.
      Is it another 'lost decade'?
      Perhaps not, he says...but economies still need plenty of time to slash down deficits... forcing investors to chase miniscule returns...claims Olivier Blanchard.
     He predicts higher inflation for Germany is needed...more than the 2% it so idolizes.
     But...this is really not new info.
     Noted Harvard economist Kenneth Rogoff...co-author of the dense and technical book...'This Time is Different'...warned that economies always grow much slower after financial crises.
     The 2008...so called 'Great Recession' meltdown is the most serious crisis since the 'Great Depression.'