18 October 2012

COLOMBIA / NORWAY : Narco Terrorist FARC Peace Talks Begin In Hurdal; Jaramillo Called Bogota's 'Secret Weapon.'


      Peace talks to end almost 50 years of conflict...began between Colombian officials...and the FARC narco/oro terrorists...in a hotel in the small town of Hurdal, Norway.
     Leading the Bogota delegation was Humberto de la Calle...with Ivan Marquez heading the 7 member FARC delegation.
    They did not shake hands as talks began.
     De la Calle expressed 'moderate optimism' abut reaching a deal after 3 failed previous attempts.
     In the Colombian delegation...is classical scholar Sergio Jaramillo, 45...who for 7 months negotiated this peace meeting. 
     He is called Bogota's 'secret weapon'...and is profiled by the WSJ.

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