18 October 2012

HUNGARY/ AUSTRIA : 3,000 Jobbiks Protest Roma People In Miskolc; Bank Tax Backtrack Angers Wien.

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      Thousands of police watched....as many as 3,000 members of the far right nationalistic Jobbik party protested against the Roma community in Miskolc...Hungary's 2nd largest city.
     Earlier in the day...about 1,000 Roma had marched for their rights and against discrimination...in the large Avas housing project.
    There are an estimated 1 million Roma living in Hungary.
    Some Hungarians blame the Roma for their current economic problems....crime and safety concerns.
     The Jobbik only hold 45 of 386 MP seats.

     AND: Austrian bankers are angry at PM Viktor Orban for reneging on his promise to cut in half a bank tax in 2013. 
    The backtrack could also risk a long stalled $15 billion loan deal with the IMF.