20 September 2012

VENEZUELA: With Election Day Nearing...Polling And Sniping Heat-Up.


     Crucial presidential election day...07 October...nears.
     Will Hugo Chavez continue...after a 13 year reign?
     New contradictory polling shows right center challenger Henrique Capriles, 40... either with a narrow lead...or badly behind.
     But bond markets are already drooling over a Capriles win...because it could mean a huge rally and substantially lower yields.
     In these final days...sniping continues from both sides.
     Capriles objected to Chavez's sudden preemption of his televised rally from all TV channels.
     And Capriles supporters have mocked Chavez for weeping in public.
     But Hugo's long bout with a still undisclosed cancer...has dropped off the radar as an issue...even if he publicly campaigns less.
      Finally...the pop band Los Amigos Invisibles...objected to the Chavez campaign's illegal and uncompenasted use of their popular song Majunche/loser...an slur that Hugo uses to refer to Capriles in all his speeches.