26 September 2012

USA / HOLLYWOOD / CINEMA : Chile's 'No' Touted As Academy Foreign Film Award Favorite.


      Almost all submissions are reportedly in for next year's USA Academy Awards Foreign Film category.
      The closing date is 01 October.
      This little known website puts Chile's 'No' political satire...starring Gael Garcia Bernal...among the top 5 contenders.
      More of its top picks are Mexico's 'After Lucia' at #11...Romania's 'Beyond the Hills' at # 14.
      Brasil's 'The Clown' is touted at #20...and Colombia's 'El Cartel de los Sapos' is #23.
      Check to see where your nation's entry is rated by this website.
      (Clicking for reviews on individual movies...results in nada

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