20 September 2012

UK / GERMANY / USA / DENMARK/ SWEDEN / FRANCE / ITALY/ UKRAINE : 22 Sept UPDATE :Topless Kate Fotos Now Seen In 5 Outlets; Femen Movement Examined.

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      The topless Kate foto spread controversy is only growing.
     At least 5 outlets have now run...or will run...the topless...fotos of Catherine, the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge...taken by a long lens camped outside a private estate in France.
     A gossip magazine in Denmark has followed a Swedish mag...with the same 60-70 fotos seen last week in French, Italian and Irish outlets.
     Lawsuits are being prepared...injunctions issued and fines levied in France.
     No doubt...circulations and perhaps even page views are soaring.
     This blog's editor has not yet seen the fotos.
     Of course...these images weren't taken with her consent...so privacy issues are paramount.
     But...one must also wonder about this hubbub...over nipples.
     This blog was banned some months ago by Blogger's Index "automatically due to bad content'...whatever that means.
    Presumably because it published ONE foto of a topless Ukraine Femen protester...with nipples...taken from a reputable news outlet's coverage.
    Ever since...a self imposed censorship has loomed over news foto selection here.
    Just this week...the very reputable outlet Der Spiegel ran an online 8 foto spread about Femen protesters opening a new office in the Muslim area of Paris...featuring some of its members...topless, of course. 
     This blog won't show any of those fotos here...but can link to them.

 !!!NEW!!! UK's Guardian does a long backgrounder on Ukraine's Femen Movement.

 AND : If you are still curious...Slate Online gives a brief history of when bare breasts became taboo in the West.