28 September 2012

POLAND / RUSSIA : 29 Sept UPDATE: Opposition Holds Protest March; Solidarity Hero And Smolensk Crash Victim...Reburied After Remains Mistake.


     Solidarity activist Anna Walentynowicz now rests in her own Warsaw grave.
     Her real remains from the tragic 2010 Smolensk plane crash...were reburied...for the 2nd time.
     After some bitter debate in parliament...the government admitted that another's remains were buried in her honored plot.
     The dispute reopened wounds over the crash...and Russia's part in the national tragedy...and the postmortem.
     Conservative nationalist Jaroslaw Kaczynski...who's brother was president and perished in Smolensk...now wants his party to debate a no confidence vote on PM Tusk's government.
      AND: The opposition held a protest march in Warsaw of thousands...attacking a suddenly faltering economy...and ruling party of PM Donald Tusk.