14 September 2012

MEXICO / USA : 16 Sept. UPDATE: FDA Warns: Don't Eat Agricola Daniella Mangos: Salmonella Lurks! Mexico Denies Claim.


      This blog's editor has often praised sweet delicious mangos...all from neighboring Mexico
       In fact...there are probably 9 mangos chilling in the fridge right now.
       But...a new warning from the FDA urges consumers not to eat Agricola Daniella brand mangos.
       They are packed in Sinaloa.
       The FDA has found salmonella in some of them.
       It states to throw them away...or suffer the possibly dire consequences!

NEW!!! AND : After testing...Mexico denied its mangos possess the salmonella strain claimed by the FDA. They say they could not find any salmonella after mango testing.