25 August 2012

VENEZUELA : 28 August UPDATE : Tank Fires Finally Out; Probe Ordered In Amuay Refinery Blast; 48 Dead, 150 Injured; 3 Days National Mourning.


     A probe has been ordered into the blasts that killed 48...and injured 150...at one of the world's largest refineries...in Falcon state.
    4 days after the first explosion...fires in 2 of 9 damaged fuel storage tanks were finally put out...by huge cargo planes dumping flame retardant.
     For days...thick, black smoke was visible from more than 20 miles away.
    The early morning explosion at the Amuay refinery damaged 500 houses...and displaced many families.
      President Hugo Chavez ordered 3 days of national mourning for the victims.
     A gas leak is being blamed.
     Some witnesses claim the air was full of a propane-like odor for days before the blast and fires.
     The giant northwest complex has 3 refineries and 680 fuel tanks...and can produce and store almost 1 million bbls daily.
     The Amuay facility is out of service...but Chavez claims the nation has enough fuel supplies stockpiled for 10 days.