25 August 2012

MEXICO / USA / NICARAGUA : 28 AUG UPDATE: Federales Mistakenly Wound 2 US Diplomats; 18 Fake Journalists Caught Sneaking In For Trial...With $9.2 Million Hidden Cash.


      Looking more like Hollywood's inept Keystone Kops than President Calderon's elite police force...4 federales vehicles chased down and attacked a USA diplomatic SUV...sending 2 embassy trainers to the hospital with bullet wounds.
     The driver...a Mexican naval captain...was also slightly injured.
     The federales said they thought they were pursuing a stolen SUV...that matched the diplomatic vehicle...when the chase and fusillade occurred on a rural road near Cuernavaca.
    The USA vehicle prominently displayed special diplomatic license plates.
    12 federal police are being questioned.
     In Nicaragua...police stopped 6 vans...and detained 18 people posing as journalists with Mexico's Televisa network...and recovered $9.2 million hidden in 3 vehicles.

     The suspects claimed they were covering the trial of suspects in the murder of Argentine singer Facundo Cabral.
     Authorities believe the suspects were involved in money laundering for narco gangs.